Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I thought this title was appropriate for my blog...

Beacuse I feel like I am always ending up at the same places over and over again... whether it's the gym at the school for Gracie or the ball fields for Nik.... same place different year.  New faces...and old friends.  
Well for those who don't know me... I'm Ronda.  I am goofy, silly and LOVE to laugh.  I am my most favorite person to laugh at ....because I am always doing or saying something that cracks me up.  I am Mom to two wonderful children, both with ADHD and boy do they keep me hopping !!!!  I also drive school bus ~ and LOVE IT !!!!!  

Right now the BIG thing in my life is my journey to become a NON smoker ..... I am on day 3... I have not had one puff ....yay me!! Really I am not big on cheering for myself but on this journey I am and I will continue too... I am praying for strength from the Lord and the will power He gave me....don't get me wrong it is not easy.. I crave them soooooooo much at different moments but I can talk myself down......I cannot wait until I don't count the days anymore and I don't even think about it.

So if you happen on reading this blog... please say a prayer for me that this journey continues the way it has ..... and I can get through the toughest part of this and move on to a less stressful time !!!!

So it's time to move on for now... but don't worry I will be back... after all Haven't I Been Here Before?? LOL LOL

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